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January 13, 2005

The iPod Year in Review 2004

Neither pundits nor the general population in 2003 would ever have predicted just how strong of a year 2004 would be for Apple Computer. Having sold over four times as many iPods (4.4 million) as it sold in 2003 (939,000), say nothing of iTunes music sales and accessories, Apple did well over a billion dollars in iPod-related business in 2004 alone. Sales of Apple's personal computers to PC "switchers" increased, and buoyed by strong media reports of Apple customer satisfaction and the mediocrity of its competitors, popular perception of the Apple brand decidedly shifted from "niche" to "worthwhile luxury."

This was unquestionably a great year for Apple. With an iPod-focused perspective, iPodlounge now focuses on what went right and wrong in this year - and is likely to happen in 2005.

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