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February 15, 2005

Sony SDM-HS75P and SDM-HS95P X-Brite Flat-Panel Monitors

SDM-HS75P_2..jpg imageSony has two new LCD flat-panel monitors out in a very appealing design—I'm sure they'll be both attractive, with Sony's X-Brite screen technology, and considerably more expensive than less swanky models. Both the 17-inch SDM-HS75P and the 19-inch SDM-HS95P have a native resolution of 1280 by 1024 pixels, with an 8ms refresh for the former and a 16ms refresh time on the latter (LCD refresh determines how much 'ghosting' you'll get when watching video or playing games).

Both are available in silver or black bezels, with DVI digital video connections. The 17-inch will retail for $350, while the 19-inch will show up for $500. That's maybe a little steep, but not as bad as I was expecting, actually.

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