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April 06, 2005

Bodybugg calorie management system

Ever wondered exactly how many calories you burn while sitting perfectly still but having a massive panic attack? You can't find out those kinds of things in fitness magazines. Bodybugg, an armband calorie monitor can tell you exactly (well with 92% accuracy) how many calories you expend not only while exercising but while doing everyday activities like typing and um, vigorous typing while playing games. The bodybugg measures your resting and active metabolic rates by using several sensors: body temperature (core temperature), heat flux (how much heat your body puts out), sweat rate, forward motion, and up and down activity.

Bodybugg works with a web-based food journal which will calculate how many calories you've consumed vs. how many burned and will recommend foods and exercises which will accelerate weight loss. The bodybugg syncs to your PC via USB.

Bodybugg isn't available in stores yet, so contact Apex Fitness for ordering information.

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