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September 20, 2005

Audica's iPod hi-fi

Audica_hifi After initially being a tad snobbish about the iPod's compressed sound it appears now that the whole hi-fi industry has woken up smelt the cash and hopped aboard the MP3 bandwagon. The good news is though that the quality of mini systems designed for the ubiquitous Apple player and its MP3 chums appears to be getting better.

I rather like the look of this – the Audica MPS1. Unlike other speaker systems it has generous power at 25 watts (as opposed to 2.5 Watts) per channel. It also looks rather tasty and in particular comes with a pair of stylish polished extruded Aluminum loudspeakers. The system has three inputs selectable on the amplifier module or by remote control and USB and FireWire connectors enable portable music players to be charged. Cleverly one of those inputs is extra sensitive to allow for low-level outputs such as PC systems so that sound level differences when changing inputs are minimised. It goes on sale in late November for around £250. More info here

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