February 14, 2005

Mitsubishi’s PocketProjector

Mitsubishi PocketProjector

Maybe barely pocketable if you’re rocking the XXXL cargo pants, Mitsubishi just announced the PocketProjector, a tiny DLP projector that weighs just 14 ounces and has a resolution of 800x600 (which is plenty good for all your non-high def needs). Should be out in July with a retail price of $699.


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February 09, 2005

The iDisk II 120x, the world’s smallest 8GB USB flash drive

Pretec 8GB usb drive

When you think about it, the really amazing thing about Pretec’s iDisk II 120x, which Solid Alliance (who is selling it in Japan) claims is the “world’s smallest 8GB flash memory drive” is that it just looks like any regular old USB flash drive. Just don’t go losing it like any regular old USB flash drive.


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